40 Ways to Be Romantic

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It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day or a birthday for you to show your partner some special attention and give some special treatments. Everyone loves to be treated special and not to mention to be surprised.

Try and show your lover to your partner in simple small ways once a day every day for a month. You will be surprised with what magical results will stir up. Here are the first part of the 40 things you can use to express your love to your partner. And no don’t worry because none of these are expensive, so there really isn’t any excuse for you to not give this a go.

If things aren’t good between the two of your right now, then this might just be the answer to melt the tension. And if things are lovey dovey between the two of you already well this will only just make it even more so.

  1. In a steamed bathroom mirror write the magical words “I love you” while your partner is showering.
  2. Give a nice relaxing back massage maybe even using her body lotion.
  3. Write a poem and translate it to either French or Italian. Then handwrite it out and on the other side of the paper write the English version on it. Then just give it to her/him or if you want to make it even more special, read it out to her/him at night before going to bed.
  4. Burn a CD with a few meaningful songs that expresses how you feel for your partner or songs that brings back special memories of your time together.
  5. Surprise your partner at work and take her/him out for lunch or maybe even a nice take-out food and head to the nearest park.
  6. Show the world you are not shy to express, tell your partner “I Love you, Their Name”.
  7. Place a little something, maybe chocolate and a note or a flower and a note saying “Your love is like chocolate: sweet and delicious” or “In your hands…I bloom like the most beautiful flower.”
  8. Surprise your partner by setting it up beautifully with sparkling wine, bath tub filled with rose petals or with bubbles, surround it with lit candles and maybe even turn on your song on a low volume just to create the atmosphere.
  9. Surprise your lover with cooking their favourite food. Don’t forget to play his/her favourite song and turn the lights down low and light those candles!
  10. If your partner has a work presentation or an important event at work, have some flowers and a note delivered there.


To Be Continued…

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